The Crew's point of view

The crew's point of view and more

Our trip so far.


Our 3-year trip so far. Almost 16000nm, more than 2500 hours of sailing. 750 nights in the boat around 400 of these at anchor, around 80 at sea sailing and the rest in a marina. 



Summer 2019 we took over the boat in.......... 

Diesel vs. Electrical engine.


Just to make one thing 100% clear I’m not against a diesel driveline the most important for me is that everybody know the difference in the daily use before making the final decision.


Fact, and from my point of view pros and cons. 


Isabella’s evaluation after the first 4 month.


I’m only 16 years old,

and when you are 16 years old there are many things that fills in your head. School, friends and other opinions. Many of my friends from Denmark couldn’t see the meaning of this trip. They saw it as a year where I wouldn’t learn anything, and when I’m going to start on my education, I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

I started to see it the same way, and then COVID-19 came, basically the trip we all expected changed. I didn’t know what to do, I was scared.

It has been the best decision I’ve ever taken. We’ve e only been traveling for about 4 months and looking back I can’t see why I ever was in doubt

8000NM and back in Denmark


The plan is to have no fixed plan and enjoy where we are.

And so, we do, have done, and will continue.

After leaving Tenerife in November 2019, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, Enjoyed life in the Caribbean. Diving, Sundowners, beautiful anchorage, meet a lot of nice people and faced Covid-19 ANEMIS are now back in Europe.

In the middle of May she was lifted onboard a huge yacht transporter and 14 days later she was launched into the water again in Holland. Benny from the boat Polarix helped Andreas and me to sail ANEMIS back to Denmark.

First time in Denmark we had to rapport to the police, why a French sailing yacht had passed the , COVID-19 closed boarders. As soon I started to speed my native Danish all problems disappeared. From 23 in the evening to 9 in the morning they had received 4 claims about a French boat in Sønderborg. Welcome back to the Danish private Corona police.

6 month and 6000NM


ANEMIS is the first real Hybrid Expedition boat.

Fittede with a 30kw OceanVolt electrical engine backed up by a 15kw FisherPanda Generator. We have 28kW Li-ion batteries, a long stay at anchor before the need to run the genetator and up to 12nm on the batteries before the genset have to run for 1,5 hour to power the engine and recharge the batteries.

The trip so far

Andreas and I have now been sailing shorthanded the last 5 month. The first month we had together

The first thoughs


Small evaluation on our sailing plans and to use the hybrid system.

Overall vision
Sailing plans and experience
Different senarios
Short description of why Garcia, OceanVolt and Hybrid Conclusion
Parts and system layout.

Overall vision

To build a boat that do not have any limitations can be a safe comfortable home without any connection to civilization for a period minimum up to 3-4 month.
We’ll like to avoid Gas for normal gas stove and ordinary gasoline for outboards ect. To use renewable energy as much as possible.

Sailing plans

We are a family of 5, Me my wife, Inge, and our 3 kids Emelina 8, Isabella 14 and Andreas 15 years old.

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