About the Crew


We are a family of 5, dad Michael, mom Inge, and our 3 kids Emelina, Isabella and Andreas.

Our plan is to have no fixed plan but enjoy where we are.

All the family, except Emelina but will come soon, are certified divers, Inge and Michael as technical divers. That is why a diving compressor are on board.



started to sail when she meet Michael as a sailboat sailor her experience are not longer than 3 years.



have been sailing from kid first fishing together with his dad later waterskiing and as Skipper on diving boats for longer trips. 

Today both are having a Commercial sailing licenses.

Witch they have used in the fast boat industry.



To build a boat

  • -that do not have any limitations
  • can be a safe comfortable home without any connection to civilization for a period minimum up to 3-4 month.
  • We’ll like to avoid Gas for normal gas stove
  • ordinary gasoline for outboards ect.
  • To use renewable energy as much as possible.


Why Hybrid, why Garcia and why OceanVolt.


That time we had a Tesla and A Nissan Leaf both electrical so about running on batteries are well known to us.


We like to go sailing, and if we could do motor sailing in a quiet manner, without burning any fossil fuel, it will be a very nice environment friendly solution.


Garcia was selected after a research among the few go anywhere exploration boats. Shallow draft, safe boat with watertight bulkheads, redundancy for all important things and much more. See specifications elsewhere to be convinced yourself.

OceanVolt AXC line have been chosen due to there system is build up with modular 48Vdc 10kW unites that can be built together and run as a single unit or electrical separated in case of a failure.

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